Warrington, UK: Photovoltaic System Mounted on a Ground of Residential Building

This is a case of a British customer of Zeoluff. The customer is from Warlington, who wants to install photovoltaic systems for his residential buildings to provide electricity for his home and save costs.

After receiving his demand, we asked our designer to contact him, designed this photovoltaic system and provided him with a very competitive quotation. The customer was very satisfied after receiving it, and sent us photos and videos after receiving the goods.

Project Description:

Proposed mounting area as shown below:
Azimuth of PV panels: 180 Degrees
Tilt of PV panels: 37 Degrees
Installed capacity:3.6kWp

Proposed installation:
To store inverter and battery in the separate room .

Estimated direct normal irradiation (DNI): 3254 kWh per annual
Estimated annual savings on business electricity fee:1057EUR

This system includes: Zeoluff single-sided silicon module 550KWp, Solar inverter, power distribution box, battery storage unit, mounting bracket, cable, etc.

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