Solar for Industrial & Manufacturing

Modern factories and warehouses cover thousands of square kilometers and consume high energy usually. In the past few years, many enterprises have seen the potential of using renewable energy by installing solar panels. Factories and warehouses reduce energy costs by producing their own electricity on site.

Factory is usually the ideal place to install solar panels. Since the factory is an energy-use intensive building, installing a solar energy system can ensure that all equipment in the factory can use electricity. While reducing energy costs, solar energy system have the additional benefits of proving corporate social responsibility due to their environmental protection certification.

Build the Zero- operation cost energy

Control operating cost

Control the cost to supply the goods and services maximally

Turn-Key Service

We take charge of the whole process and provide continuous monitoring and support.

Invest for future

Solar enery earns 18-24% rate of return with average ROI 4~6 year generally

Helping global manufacturers save the enery costs

Create safe and predictable energy cost for decades we Strive into helping global customers get benefits from peak shaving, reduction in demand charges, and lower overall operating costs by using the solar energy system.

Types of operations we service:



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We make solar easy

By professional engineering management, Zeoluff engery’s in house design,construction and service teams solve all aspects of our solar installations process.

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Got a question about solar power system with energy storage?

If you’re interested in understanding what renewable energy can offer your operation contact Zeoluff today.

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